MFA gets new Director of Policy Planning

By August 8, 2019 Personnel Tracker, Public

NewsFormer Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Liu Jinsong (刘劲松) was appointed Director of Policy Planning at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Quick Take: Born in 1972, Liu Jinsong is one of the youngest departmental-level directors at MFA. With a master’s degree from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, his resume is extremely well-rounded compared to many of his peers: before becoming Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, Liu held embassy posts in Thailand, Japan, the UK, and India. He also worked on Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan affairs, in addition to several posts within MFA’s policy research and economic affairs departments. From 2012-2015, Liu served as MFA liaison to Silk Road Fund, where he took a board seat at one of China’s largest state-owned funds investing in the Belt and Road region. With his young age and rich experience in both policy planning and foreign service, Liu is a rising star within MFA and likely being groomed for vice-ministerial level positions.