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Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
January 10, 2022

Ignore the Hype: China’s FDI Soars

China is almost certain to post record-high foreign direct investment figures for 2021 amid strong profits and a resilient supply chain.
Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
January 6, 2022

Beijing Hints at Xinjiang Policy Shift

Beijing installs former Guangdong governor as new Xinjiang party secretary, signaling a pivot in Xinjiang policy as Xi deems social instability now resolved.
Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
January 4, 2022

Seven Questions for the Chinese Economy

We try to address seven major questions for Chinese economy in 2022, including Covid policies, consumption, regulatory crackdown, monetary policy, real estate, exports, and energy.
Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
December 15, 2021

What Policy Easing Can We Expect?

The Chinese economy faces greater downward pressure in Q1 from real estate, heavy industrials, and consumption.


December 13, 2021 in Markets and Finance, Plenum Notes

Beijing Switches To Pro-growth Mode

Leaders have called for more pro-growth policies for 2022 and it has become “a political matter” for officials to stabilize growth.
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December 8, 2021 in Plenum Notes, Politics and Policy

Beijing Spells Out Data Governance Rules

China has issued a series of data governance rules; the results of Didi’s cyber security review will illustrate what they mean for listed firms in practice.
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December 6, 2021 in Markets and Finance, Plenum Notes

Evergrande’s Demise Offers Others Hope

Guangdong’s provincial government has sent a working group to take control of Evergrande as the developer can no longer repay its debt.
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November 29, 2021 in Markets and Finance, Plenum Notes

China’s Most-Favored Firms

Governments at all levels are providing subsidies to these firms, while Beijing also launched a new stock exchange to help them grow.
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November 24, 2021 in Plenum Notes, Politics and Policy

China’s Decarbonization Post-COP26

For China, COP26 is a political gain, not an event affecting its course to decarbonization.
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November 22, 2021 in Plenum Notes, Politics and Policy

The Sixth Plenum Hits a Celebratory Note

The Sixth Plenum of the 19th Party Congress passed a historic resolution largely to celebrate the Party’s achievements over the past century.
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