Hunan sees a reshuffle on its CCPSC

By May 12, 2019 June 5th, 2019 Personnel Tracker

Earlier in May 2019, Hunan CCPSC member and CCP Committee Secretary-General Xie Jianhui (谢建辉) was appointed Hunan Executive Vice Governor. Her old post has been taken by Hunan CCPSC member and Hunan SASAC Party Secretary Zhang Jianfei (张剑飞).

A Hunan native, Zhang Jianfei was initially promoted onto vice-provincial level in November 2013 as Hunan Vice Governor, and then took concurrent appointment as Hunan SASAC Party Secretary, a position that only has full-departmental ranking, in July 2017. Zhang was promoted into Hunan CCPSC in December 2017, and gave up his vice governorship one month later in January 2018, only keeping the Hunan SASAC Party Secretary position. In such way, Zhang is the only provincial CCPSC member nationwide that takes the concurrent appointment as provincial SASAC Party Secretary. It is possible that the leadership of Hunan really valued SASAC work, but it is still highly unprecedented to have a provincial CCPSC member supervising SASAC.

Now that Zhang has taken the position of Hunan CCP Committee Secretary-General, we expect him to give up the Hunan SASAC Party Secretary position in the very near future.