Fujian vice governor appointed CCPSC member and Organization chief

News: Former Fujian Vice Governor Yang Xianjin (杨贤金) was appointed Fujian CCPSC member and Organization Department Chief today.

Quick Take: Yang is a technocrat with a solid background in biomedical engineering, and started his career in Tianjin University in 2001. He then worked in East China University of Science and Technology and Tongji University respectively, before officially entering active politics in 2017 as Fujian Vice Governor. Following the appointments of Chen Anli (陈安丽) and Shi Dai (石岱), this is already the third personnel adjustment in the past three days at the provincial Organization Chief position, and the 7th since the beginning of 2019. More interestingly, we noticed that many of the recently appointed provincial CCPSC members were transferred from Vice Governor seats, with a large majority appointed in January 2018. Some examples include Heilongjiang Organization Chief Chen Anli, Hunan Political and Legal Affairs Commission Chief Li Dianxun, and Yang Xianjin today.