Former Jilin chief prosecutor ousted

By July 17, 2019 August 8th, 2019 Personnel Tracker, Public

NewsFormer Jilin Chief Prosecutor Yang Keqin (杨克勤) is under investigation today for violations of party discipline and law. Notably, there have been multiple ousters before Yang in the province’s prosecution system: former Jilin Deputy Chief Prosecutor Wu Changzhi (吴长智) was ousted in November 2018, and former Jilin Deputy Chief Prosecutor Xie Maotian (谢茂田) was ousted in April 2019. Both Wu and Xie worked closely with Yang during their tenures.

Quick Take: Yang became the first provincial top prosecutor to be taken down while on tenure. Yang started off his career in Anhui Political and Legal Affairs Commission in 1980, briefly served for one year as a secretary in the General Office of Anhui Public Security Department, and was transferred back to provincial Political and Legal Affairs Commission in1989. In 1994 he officially departed to Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission. After almost two decades, he was posted to Jilin as top prosecutor. Notably, the majority of Yang’s career was based in the political and legal affairs system, and it’s likely that his ouster has something to do with his long experience in the system. If so, more disruptions should be expected soon.