Dongguan CCPSC member Huang Shaowen is under investigation

By November 15, 2019 November 16th, 2019 Personnel Tracker, Public

On 15 November, Guangdong Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on its website that Dongguan CCPSC member and Songshan Lake Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Party Secretary Huang Shaowen (黄少文) is under investigation.

Huang has been the official in charge of Dongguan’s hi-tech zone, as well as an ecological industry park, since May 2017. Beforehand, he also served as Dongguan CCP Committee’s Secretary-General and Political and Legal Affairs Commission. Notably, Huang’s wife Liang Fengming (梁凤鸣) is the incumbent Dongguan Bureau of Education Director, and once served as Dongguan Government Vice Secretary-General. We expect Liang to be investigated as well.