Cohort of vice-provincial officials promoted locally in January 2018 being systematically appointed into provincial CCPSC

By May 22, 2019 June 5th, 2019 Personnel Tracker

In May 2019, a number of officials promoted to vice-provincial ranking in January 2018 during the first wave of vice-provincial-level promotion after 19thParty Congress have been promoted into provincial CCPSCs nationwide.

In mid-May 2019, Fujian Vice Governor Zheng Xincong (郑新聪) was appointed Fujian CCPSC member and Fujian CCP Committee Secretary-General, replacing former Fujian CCP Committee Secretary-General Liang Jianyong (梁建勇), who had been appointed Fujian Propaganda Chief earlier.

On 22 May 2019, Inner Monglia Vice Governor Zhang Shaochun (张韶春) was appointed Inner Mongolia CCPSC member and Inner Mongolia CCP Committee Secretary-General, replacing former Inner Mongolia CCP Committee Secretary-General Luo Yonggang (罗永纲), who had been appointed Hubei CCPSC member and Political and Legal Affairs Commission Chairman in April.

Similarly, the aforementioned Li Dianxun was promoted to vice-provincial level in January 2018 and has recently been promoted to CCPSC.

The officials promoted into vice-provincial positions around January 2018 are in their mid-50s—most of these officials were born around 1962 to 1965, making them eligible to serve at least two terms on vice-provincial level, if not promoted further to full-provincial level. What we are witnessing is the gradual replacement of officials born in 1950s by these officials born in 1960s and this process will likely span through the rest of 2019.