Anhui vice governor concurrently posted as Fuyang party secretary

By June 12, 2019 June 17th, 2019 Personnel Tracker, Public

News: Anhui Vice Governor Yang Guangrong (杨光荣) is concurrently appointed Fuyang Party Secretary today, replacing Li Ping (李平), who is now removed from the post.

Quick Take: It’s rare for a vice-provincial level official to be posted concurrently as a prefecture’s Party Secretary, which only comes at full-departmental level. More importantly, Yang’s predecessor Li Ping was not given other appointment notice upon his removal from the post, indicating that he is likely undergoing some inspections. Fuyang is deeply trapped in poverty—as the most populated city in the province with approximately 8093 thousand residents, its per capital income only came at CNY 21.7 thousand in 2018, placed at the bottom of the province. Moreover, the city is also reported with notable formalism and bureaucratism issues in its poverty alleviation battle, the top two redlines of CCP’s anti-graft campaign. Under these circumstances, Yang’s appointment is very likely aimed at aiding Fuyang’s economy and accelerating its poverty alleviation process—Yang has previously worked over a decade in Changsha Finance Bureau and was widely praised for boosting Changsha’s economy during his term as Changsha County Party Secretary.