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COVID-19Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
July 13, 2022

The “Dynamic” in Dynamic Zero-Covid

China loosened several Covid restrictions last month, including cutting the inbound quarantine period to “7+3”, to boost the economy.
COVID-19Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
April 14, 2022

How China Manages Covid Control Costs

Chinese authorities are battling the spiraling medical costs of covid while rushing to contain the spread of the omicron variant.
COVID-19Markets and FinancePlenum NotesPolitics and Policy
April 6, 2022

Shanghai and the Future of Zero-Covid

China will only let up on Omicron under two scenarios, both unlikely for now; enormous economic damage will lead to more policy easing on housing.


Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
September 28, 2022

What Next for a Depreciating RMB?

The RMB will fall more against the USD as long as the USD remains strong.
Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
September 26, 2022

China’s Global Quest for Lithium

Chinese companies have invested in multiple lithium projects in South America and Africa to hedge against dependency on Australia.
Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
September 21, 2022

Chartbook: Will the Global Energy Crisis Affect China?

If China will feel the impact of the global energy crisis, it will likely be in its exports.


Markets and FinancePlenum NotesU.S.-China
August 29, 2022

Assessing the US-China Audit Deal

The two sides appear to have different understandings of how the papers will be accessed, as well as the role of Chinese regulators in the inspection process.
Plenum NotesPolitics and PolicyU.S.-China
August 3, 2022

Rhetoric vs. Reality on Pelosi’s Visit

Beijing’s initial response to Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit was more restrained than many expected, but military drills and political fallout will follow.
Plenum NotesU.S.-China
August 1, 2022

Crisis Management, Not Cooperation

The call yielded no notable progress on Section 301 tariffs or US access to the audit reports of Chinese companies.


Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
September 19, 2022

Weighing the Risks of the Taiwan Policy Act

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the Taiwan Policy Act, but with weakened language compared to the original version of the bill.
Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
September 7, 2022

The Rules Behind the Reshuffle

Xi’s institutional reforms and anti-corruption efforts since 2012 have reshaped the transition process, minimizing the potential for internal manipulation.
Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
September 5, 2022

No End in Sight for Dynamic Zero-Covid

It is highly unlikely that Beijing will abandon its dynamic-zero Covid policy after the 20th Party Congress in October.

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