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COVID-19Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
May 4, 2021

The Story Behind China’s Vaccination Drive

China’s pace of vaccination has surpassed other countries’ in the past month.
COVID-19Plenum Notes
January 13, 2021

How Quickly Can China Vaccinate?

The latest outbreaks are dealing a blow to the recoveries of retail and some service sectors in the North.
COVID-19Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
July 16, 2020

First In, First Out

The Chinese economy avoided a recession by growing 3.2% yoy in Q2.


Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
November 29, 2021

China’s Most-Favored Firms

Governments at all levels are providing subsidies to these firms, while Beijing also launched a new stock exchange to help them grow.
Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
November 15, 2021

Demand Slumps Despite Supply Recovery

Real estate developers are desperate for easing policies amid the deepening slump, but the latest reports and rumors have fallen short.
Markets and FinancePlenum Notes
November 10, 2021

China’s ListCos Feeling the Squeeze

A-share listed firms posted growing revenue but declining profit in Q3, with service firms performing worse than industrials.


Plenum NotesU.S.-China
November 17, 2021

Can Guardrails Help Prevent a Collision Course?

The Xi-Biden video conference closed with stabilizing signals, but produced very little in concrete deliverables.
Plenum NotesU.S.-China
September 27, 2021

A Good Week For US-China Relations

Meng Wanzhou’s release follows hot on the heels of Xi’s commitment to end overseas coal project funding.
Markets and FinancePlenum NotesU.S.-China
June 21, 2021

Supply Chain Moves Up US-China Trade Agenda

The Biden Administration wants to reduce supply chain reliance on China. But it would be difficult.


Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
November 24, 2021

China’s Decarbonization Post-COP26

For China, COP26 is a political gain, not an event affecting its course to decarbonization.
Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
November 22, 2021

The Sixth Plenum Hits a Celebratory Note

The Sixth Plenum of the 19th Party Congress passed a historic resolution largely to celebrate the Party’s achievements over the past century.
Plenum NotesPolitics and Policy
September 8, 2021

China’s Financial Decisionmakers Face Reshuffle

Reshuffles in China’s financial and economic sector are looming.

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